How to Clean a Rabbit Cage?

How to Clean a Rabbit Cage

Well yes, rabbits are delightful creatures, but they can be quite messy and stinky too. Doesn’t it make your heart sink, when you see that your fluffy bunny is playing around a cage that has become dirty?

Since rabbits are messy animals, you have to take special care of the environment of your home, so that it stays fresh and healthy. Start, by cleaning up the cage of your rabbit after every day and please stop using hutch.

Confused on how to do get on with? You do not have to worry any further, because we’re here to help you out with it.

Follow these simple tasks and you will have a clean rabbit cage in no time!

Step 1: Put Your Rabbit in a Secured Place

Take your rabbit out of the cage and keep it in a secured place while you finish the cleaning.

Allow the rabbit to hop freely in the house while you do so. Your bunny will love it!

Step 2: Remove Leftover Food

To avoid bacterial growth and prevent your rabbit from getting sick, it’s very important to remove any stale food or leftovers from the cage every day.

Wash the food dish every night with soap and hot water. Air-dry it before refilling it.

Always give food in little portions, so that it doesn’t get stale and add to the mess of the cage. Sterilize the food dish once every week to kill any bacteria or microorganisms.

Step 3: Refill the Water Container

Replace the filthy water with fresh water daily, to prevent the rabbit from getting sick. Rabbits tend to urinate in the water containers at times, so you must keep that in mind and change the water a few times every day.

You need to wash the water container with soapy, hot water in order to keep it clean and to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Sterilize the water container at least once a week as well, to ensure proper hygiene.

Step 4: Clean the Litter Area

We cannot emphasize enough on this! It’s vital to scoop out the spoiled litter or replace the newspaper or hay daily, to avoid the foul smell of their feces and urination from spreading. This is a mandatory step, necessary to keep the place free of diseases.

Clean the Litter Area

Use a disinfectant to thoroughly wipe the cage and surrounding areas. You can avoid spending too much under a disinfectant and instead, use a mixture of vinegar and water.

As gross as it may seem, cecotropes or night feces are eaten by rabbits to ensure a nutrient-packed diet! So you might want to leave out some particularly large and moist droppings of feces for the sake of your rabbit’s good health.

Step 5: Throw Away Your Rabbit’s Old Toys

Like any other pets, rabbits love to play with toys. To be more specific, they like to chew and destroy them.

But unfortunately, moisture can be harmful to their health. So you have to remove the toys from laying around in the cage. Also, remember to replace the worn-out chew blocks too.

Check if any other toys are damaged or broken, and keep swapping them, so that your little furball doesn’t get ill because of their saliva moisture on the toys.

Final Step: Put Your Rabbit Back To Its Cage

Once done with the cleaning process, return the rabbit to its home.

Don’t forget to reward your rabbit with a little treat for behaving, while you cleaned.

So, now that you know how to keep the cage clean, you have to always ensure a playful and germ-free environment for your precious pet rabbit. I wish you and your rabbit, both, good health. Best of luck!