How to Create an Intelligent Kitchen to Meet Your Needs?

How to Create an Intelligent Kitchen to Meet Your Needs

A kitchen is that quintessence room of every house where food is stored, cooked, prepared, and served along with maintaining cleanliness. This is where everybody starts their day after waking up in the morning. Hence, the environment of the kitchen might have an impact on our minds.


Any typical kitchen has these apparatuses for sure – a stove, a sink or dishwasher, refrigerator, wall cabinets or shelves to keep dishes or to store utensils, oven and required utensils to cook and serve food to others. 


With the advancement of time, it is our firm duty to make our kitchen equipped with smart devices with the help of modern technology to create a bright kitchen that will surely meet our everyday needs without any impediments.


This article is a helpful guideline on how you can turn your mundane kitchen into an intelligent and attractive one.


Basic Needs that are to be Fulfilled by Kitchen


Before jumping straight onto how to create a bright kitchen, one must know about the basic needs for which we need a kitchen at home. It is essential for every soul to see the importance of having a kitchen in the house:


The nucleus of the house: It is the only place where head straight, without any second thoughts, after waking up in the morning. It is the place where everyone automatically gets drawn to. A house can never be a ‘home sweet home’ without a kitchen in it.


Place of food wizards: food wizards make the best use of their time in the kitchen making delectable foods and dishes that are worth drooling over! Without a proper kitchen and space, none can make their desired dishes to have with their loved ones at the dinner table.


The second living room: “Ever caught yourself pointlessly standing in the kitchen with the refrigerator door opened?” as if something might appear magically! Well, the kitchen can also be called as the second living room of every house. Everybody hits the kitchen at least once in a day without any exact purpose to roam around as it makes everybody elated without any reason.


The stepping stone of learning hospitality: Children are like soft clay that is to be shaped from a very young age. Kitchen is the place they run into willingly to help the adults. With this curiosity, they not only learn to work, but also learn to be sympathetic, cooperative, and hospitable with everyone that molds them into a better person gradually.


Why Do You Need an Intelligent Kitchen?


Kitchen is the center of the house, so why not digitalize it more with the latest technologies to make life a bit easier? It has become an unavoidable case as we need to maintain the speed with the world’s pace. 


Many people already incorporated smart systems as in intelligent lighting, e-command, controlling heating-ventilation or controlling house temperature, leak-detectors, and robotic kitchen as well.


Turning your regular kitchen into an intelligent one not only makes life more comfortable, but also helps you to monitor over the kitchen when you are outside the house so that you can stay tension-free and relaxed.


Turning the regular kitchen into an intelligent or smart one needs remodeling or rearrangement of the whole kitchen. However, it is okay if one refuses to remodel the entire kitchen and still wants to make a smart one. That needs the incorporation of digital and the latest appliances into the kitchen.


Creating an Intelligent Kitchen to Meet Your Needs Perfectly


Kitchens should be like wide enough to move freely without any obstacles. The kitchen layout plays a vital role in organizing a smart or intelligent kitchen


Before starting to plan on improvising it, you must look over the types of kitchen layout and then you may proceed on what should be incorporated to ease the work at the kitchen. Point to be noted that, the arrangements are designed based on one work triangle and the triangle contains a refrigerator-sink-stove combination.


Types of Kitchen Layouts


One-way gallery kitchen: This is not the best option amongst all but can be applied when there’s a shortage of space. This is all known as the ‘straight-line kitchen’ where the cabinets, stove, dishwasher, sink or other kitchen properties are designed to fit just in one wall. Kitchens with this layout are mainly seen in studio-apartments or in smaller houses where it gets along well beside the living rooms.

Two-way gallery kitchen: this is also known as a double-file kitchen. The cabinets are arranged in one wall, and the other row is arranged with stove sink and the refrigerator. This one also makes good use of space and saves energy too.

 L-shaped kitchen: this takes two adjacent walls to shape the kitchen layout. This does not affect the work triangle, instead gives extra space to set the table in the kitchen as well.


G-shaped kitchen: this almost forms a shape of a square with one open end. It can either be designed along with the wall, or the layout can also be kept in the middle of the kitchen space. It has extra space for more cabinets to get fit into the kitchen so that the countertop stays neat and clean.


U-shaped kitchen: it makes the maximum use of the kitchen walls and frees up space to move freely in the kitchen space. A dinner table may be put in the middle of the kitchen counters where everyone can have their food together.


Island gallery kitchen: it also creates space and adds additional seating like the u-shaped kitchen layout. The difference between these two is- island kitchen layout has a cabinet over the countertop space where the dishes can be kept safely.


Proper Equipment to Make a Kitchen Smart


Cooking is fun when your kitchen is nicely arranged along with the things you need. However, it has to look attractive along with being smart and intelligent one:


Keeping the entertaining area aloof: visitors come into the kitchen to take appetizers, have juices from the decorated countertop and chit-chat a bit. The planner should keep this counter away so that it doesn’t get into the work triangle.


The sink-dishwasher-trash bin combo: these three are like best friends as they all are needed at the same time. You wash pans, skillets in the sink or the dishwasher and throws the trash in the bin. The work gets more comfortable if these stay close in the kitchen.


Beautiful countertops: you are free to use different designs on your countertops like Quartz, Laminates, Granite, Marble, etc. this gives your kitchen a whole new look.


Fire controller device: “Did I turn the stove off?”-We all know the drill of the sudden hit of this question on our minds. Installing a fire controller device not only makes your kitchen smart but also helps you to turn the stove off just by commanding even if you are not home.


Smoke sensor: this smart security system is specially installed in the kitchen that can detect smoke and immediately takes action against it by sending alerts and spraying water.


Leak detector: this smart system helps the owner to detect leakage in the kitchen so that the owner can take proper steps to get this problem solved in no time.


Maintaining optimal temperature: if the owner is outside for too long, this smart system sends a notification to the owner if it detects the slightest fluctuation in the kitchen temperature. The owner can monitor everything whenever he or she wants to through the help of this system.



In a nutshell, creating an intelligent kitchen according to your needs is not rocket science at all. All you need is to follow some guidelines and have the patience to create your bright kitchen successfully.