How To Cut Tree Limbs With Pole Saw?

How To Cut Tree Limbs With Pole Saw

That annoying branch that covers your window and blocks the oh precious sunlight, but cutting the tree itself is not an option. So what do you do actually? You use a pole saw and get rid of the annoying branch and things are good to go.

Pole saw; doesn’t ring a bell? That’s okay cause it’s not one of your standard toolbox instruments. Simply put; it’s a saw attached to a pole for purposes exactly like mentioned above. If you’re a newbie and nervous to use one, don’t sweat as it’ll be explained how you can use one like a pro!

How To Cut Tree Limbs With Pole Saw?

You can find two types of pole saws in the market. A powered pole uses a power source like a gas, battery, or electric mains for operation. The manual one as the name suggests, has to be used manually.

For trimming and pruning shrubs and medium-sized trees, a manual pole saw will suffice. For largish trees, a powered one is the better option. It also depends on your budget. But considering power failures and availability of power sources opting for the manual ones will be the smartest.

It may prove to be troublesome to get your hands on a pole saw in your local hardware store but hey that’s where online shopping comes to play.

How To Cut Tree Limbs With Pole Saw

As you can’t see the product yourself it’s better if you scroll through a few pages and read reviews and contact with the seller beforehand, if possible a customer who’s already using the product. That you get off an overview of the product instead of relying on the sales person.

If your product comes with a manual don’t throw it away. Getting through the manual will not only help in smoother operation but also can be handy if a problem arises. A good understanding of the manual will result in a better perception of the tool and how to handle it correctly.

The pole of the pole saw is either made of steel or fiber. Choose the one you’re more comfortable with as grip matters if you want to master the pole saw.

Benefits Of Using Pole Saw

One of the main benefits of the pole saw is its added length. But more length doesn’t always mean better operation. It may prove to be more cumbersome than useful. Adjust the length of your pole according to the height of the branch or shrub.

Bar Length Of The Pole Saw

Bar length is also important for pole saws. Longer bars can cut thicker branches. The has a great guide on that.

The bar is usually between 6”-12”. Choose a bar according to the thickness of the branches to be cut. The bar length should be greater than the thickest branch.

Additional Tip

Anything with sharp edges is dangerous. Combine that with added heights and the risk doubles. Even if you’re confident that you’ll be able to operate the pole saw all by yourself, call in for a helping hand. Better safe than sorry.

Lastly, you should clear the area you worked on after trimming or pruning. Freshly cut branches and twigs are hazardous for both you and other people around you. No one wants to be responsible for a serious accident.

If you keep in mind the things mentioned, mastering the pole saw will be a piece of cake!