How to Make A Foosball Table Out of Cardboard?

How to Make A Foosball Table Out of Cardboard

One of the best days to entertain your friends and have a great time with them is by playing foosball, but they are not the cheapest. On the contrary, they are on the more expensive side. But what would you say if I told you it is possible to make it using cardboard.

If you are worrying about instruction, you get one from here.

And here is the instruction on what you must do!

What Do you Need?

Well before you can really start making the foosball table you must know what items you will need in order to get them started.

  • A big cardboard box
  • Cardboard pieces of different thickness
  • White cardboard for the base
  • Glue, tape, scissors, knife
  • Wooden dowels, 4 pieces
  • Grinder
  • Baking sheet and aluminum sheet
  • Water and flour

Now that we have the list of items out of the way we can move on to the actual process of making the foosball table.

How to Make the Foosball Table with Cardboard?

  • Step 1: Trim the Cardboard Box

Your very first task is to make adjustments to the box you are using. Place it on the floor and take all four of the flaps off. After that cut as much of the top you need. Cut a bit at a time and don’t go all in, you might up cutting more than you need.

  • Step 2: Design the Field

This is when you will have to work with the white cardboard. Make sure it is the same size as the base of the box as that is where you will be placing it. Glue it to the base and then cut bits of brown strips so that you can make the midfield and goal post.

  • Step 3: Make the Stand

You cannot place the table on the floor, so you need to make a stand of some kind that can hold the table in place. You can make the legs or the stand using cardboard. Fold them into a rectangle and then either glue or tape them to the bottom.

  • Step 4: Cut the Goal Post

Now, you have to cut a hole on the side of the box using a knife. The hole has to be cut for the ball to go through.

  • Step 5: Cardboard Ball

As we are making everything using cardboard we will stick to that and make the ball using the same material. Put some pieces of the cardboard in the grinder, when it has become fluffy you can mix in water and flour. You can mold the mixture into a ball.

All you have left it to make it till it is hard and can be used as a ball.

  • Step 6: Design the Players

Next up we have the players, pencil down how you want your player to look, remember that you have to multiply the number of players by 2, that’s how many cutouts you need. For 10 players you need 20 cutouts, one for the front and the other for the back.

Attach something thick and hard as the foot of each of the players, that is where the ball is going to hit, you need something that will be able to have an impact on the ball. Now you have to glue the front and the back cutouts and you have your players.

  • Step 7: Add the Handles and Players

You have 4 wooden dowels, they have to be spaced out properly on the table and these will work as the handle or bar. To insert the sticks into the cardboard you have to make a hole on the sides so that the sticks can slide through. Make sure you measure the height of the players, the holes have to be higher than that.

Now that the handle is in place you can glue the players in. Make sure the top is attached to the stick.

  • Step 8: Make the Goal Net and Score Keeper

The goal net is mainly for decorative purposes rather than for the actual part of the game. Take a piece of paper and cut very thin strips, tape that to the outside part of the goal post.

As for the scorekeeper, that is very important, you need to know how much you are winning by. Each team can get a maximum score of 10, so you need 20 scores, you can count them using cardboards. Cut 20 pieces of cardboard and puncture holes in them.

Use a bendable wire and put the 10 pieces in each. All you have left is to tape it to the side of the foosball table and you are done.


And we are finally at the end of the article. There were a lot of steps but none of them are too difficult to follow. So, go on and start making your own foosball table!