How to Use a Double Flaring Tool?

How to Use a Double Flaring Tool

Okay, today we’re going to tell you how to Use a Double Flaring Tool. This is one of the most important tools especially for those who want to do his own auto repair.

A double flaring tool helps you to find the accurate length steel line. You can use double flare on oil supply & fuel systems. Of course, this will vary between vehicles.

If you also want to do professional work in a cooling line replacement or brake line, it’s a great instrument for you. Because it’s necessary to create a high-quality flare in order to get a leak-free connection.

So, let’s start!

Things You Will Need

To use a Double Flaring Tool, you must need some items, like-

  • Brake fluid
  • Tubing cutter

Step 1 – Cut The Tubing

At first, you need to cut the tubing to the accurate length. You can use a tubing cutter to do it. After doing it, you can put a nut on the line.

Step 2 – Set An Adapter

Release the wing nuts to set an adapter. Use the adapter at the end of the line & tighten everything up. Don’t forget to use a correct sized adapter.

Make sure that the wing nuts screwed properly again. During the time of tightening, parallel the halves of the tool to each other.

Step 3 – Turn The Adapter Over

Set the flaring tool on the tubing clamp. Then place the screw point on the center of the adapter & locked the flaring tool on the tubing clamp.

Must crank the adapter all the way down until it flat-out against the flaring bar. You can use a small amount of brake fluid to make your work much easier.

Step 4 – Remove The Adapter

Pull the adapter out by loosening the screw. Usually, the anti-clockwise three-quarters turn is good enough to remove the adapter.

You can see a bubble look at the end of the tubing at this time. Your work is almost done!

Step 5 – Position The Flaring Tool

Set the flaring tool at the point of entrance part of the tubing end. This time clockwise turn the screw until the cone is properly set in its position.

Step 6 – Remove The Flaring Tool

Finally, remove the flaring tool & check the end of the tubing.

A good quality flare should be free from cracks or gaps. Always & every time you use the tool, check it carefully. If any cracks are found, don’t use it.

Final Words

A double flaring tool is one of the special tools that every DIY lover should own for their vehicles.

In this article, we described to you shortly that how to Use a Double Flaring Tool. You can find more info about it from various types of blogs, like- toolspicks.

Hope this article will helpful for you.