How To Use A Window Fan?

How To Use A Window Fan

Want to cool your home with a cheap and effective cooling system?

Yes, then a window fan is the best answer for you.

Today, window fan is one of the cheap rated cooling systems on the appliance market. It will not only cool your home but also do much more than that.

We all know, air conditioning is liable for higher electricity bills in summer. A window fan is a wonderful solution against an air conditioner. It will save your electric bill also. But how?

Window fans remove polluted air from a home & replace it with fresh air from outside. So, your room will effectively cool for the whole day. So, you don’t need to use any other appliances to cool your house. It’s great!

Here, we will tell you how to use a window fan properly.

Let’s start.

Step 1 – Ensure That Your Windows Have Screens

Always ensure that your windows have screens and it’s not broken or slit.

Install a window fan for cooling your home is not recommended without a window screen because small insects may come to the house through the open windows very easily.

Step 2- Select Place To Install The Window Fan

You need a perfect place to set the window fan. Remember that, for several floors of your house, set fans for each one. It will help you to cool your house more quickly.

Try to select the place where the flow of breeze comes nicely. If the air correctly flows with the windows of your house, it will make your work easier.

Generally, at night, the air near the ground is cool. So, for pull cool air from outside into your house, set inward blowing fans on the ground floor windows and install outward blowing fans on upper floors.

For installation, you need to lift the lower window frame to insert the fan into the frame. Close the sash to ensure that the fans are placed in the window perfectly.

Step 3 – Block The Gaps On Both Sides Of The Fans

If your window fan is smaller than the window frame, you need to cover the gap between the frame and fans. Otherwise, the fans can’t be able to cool your home effectively. You can use paper or cardboard to fill up the gaps.

Step 4 – Run Window Fans At Night

The main cause to use a window fan is to bring fresh and cool air inside your house. So, it’s better to turn on the windows fan in the night because the outside air is cooler at night rather than the daytime.

If the air is warmer outside rather than inside, your fans will fetch hot air inside your home. So, don’t use a window fan in the day time when the outside weather is sunny and warm.

Step 5 – Utilize Correct Running Time

Utilize the right time to operate a window fan that can extend the lifetime of it. You need to know when it needs to turn on and off. Here are some tips –

  • When inside the home is cool enough, turn off the window fan and close the window to keep cool air inside.

  • Don’t forget to remove the fan from window frames after turn it off

  • Always turn off the fan in bad weather. If you don’t do it, it will cause electric damage or water leakage to the fans.

In Conclusion

We discussed here details about how you use your window fan properly. Read this before buying a window fan to know about the uses of this great cooling appliance.