What Animal Should You Keep as a Pet?

What Animal Should You Keep as a Pet

Watching a furry friend run around the house can cheer near about anyone after a tiring day. If you are someone who’s ready to make the commitment of taking care of an animal but unsure of what pet you should get, here’s a bunch of ideas to help you out.

  • Goldfish

If you’re new to this whole pet thing, starting out with goldfishes is a great idea. They do need to be watched 24/7 and require minimal care. Just be cautious about changing the water and feeding them time and you should be good to go.

Once you get used to having a goldfish swimming around, you can start looking for more challenging fish pets.

  • Hamsters

An excellent pet for both old and pet owners are hamsters. These adorable animals are good fits for teaching your child how to care for something other than themselves. All breeds of hamsters have the same lifespan and require similar care, but their appearance and behavior largely differ.

So it’s important to learn about a breed before choosing one. There’s a very informative article on the thepetadvisors.com on breeds.

Now, Syrian and Roborovski dwarfs are two common breeds.

  • Birds

Birds make great pets if you choose the right one. From macaws to even ducks and chickens, there’s a good variety to choose from. For a preoccupied person, coattails and budgerigars are good options. Assuming you have time to spend, you can pick from a wider range that includes African greys, amazons, cockatoos, macaws, etc.

  • Cats

Cats are arguably the most popular pets and they require less care than dogs, but they still need attention. Their manners greatly vary between breeds. Maine Coon, Siamese cats, Ragdolls, Somali are some low maintenance breeds that more suitable for first-time pet owners.

You can go for Himalayan, Munchkin or similar breeds if you have previous experience of owning cats.

  • Rabbits

Rabbits as pets require your attention more than some other animals. They also reproduce comparatively quickly. But they are a lot of fun to own when you know your way around them.  Holland lop, Flemish giant, Netherland dwarfs are some of the popular rabbit breeds.

  • Turtles

Turtles may seem easy to take care of, but you should not get them if you’re a newbie. And they’re not suitable if you have toddlers or pregnant women in your house because they can carry salmonella.

But they are great pets when you’ve handled pets before. Be careful about what size your preferred breed grows to and the gender of the turtle as females sometimes grow larger than males.

  • Dogs

Dogs are exciting pets and there’s probably a breed that suits your needs perfectly.  If you have a hectic schedule, Boston terriers, Dachshund or Tosa are good options. Not only do they require less of your concentration, but they can also significantly lower stress levels as the study suggests.

You can choose from Akita, Dalmatians, Brussels griffon when you’re ready to have your hands full.


Whatever pet you decide on, don’t keep them in a corner and forget about them. Always remember that they are helpless creatures relying entirely on you and that they are also a part of your family. Wishing you luck with your new family member.