What to Look for Before Getting a Saucepan Set?

What to Look for Before Getting a Saucepan Set

Whether it is regular exotic veg sautéing you are looking for or warming up those baked beans for dinner, you will need a saucepan eventually. A good saucepan will offer you comfortability when you are holding or carrying it.


All the pans out there are compatible with electric and gas hobs, but in case of induction hobs, you have to check and make sure that the set works.


An easy way of checking is by trying to stick a magnet to the saucepan’s base. If the magnet sticks, you can go ahead and get it for induction. Cast iron and stainless steel pans generally work with the induction cooktops.


Let’s talk about the factors or characteristics you need to look for before you get a saucepan set.


Things You Need to Consider


Budget Amount for the Set


You can get saucepan sets for under a hundred US dollars. However, if you are looking to get a good set, then you have to push the budget from a hundred to the one hundred to two hundred range.


The Number and Sizes of Pans in the Set


You will hardly ever see anyone using more than 3 pans at once, so the question here becomes whether the saucepan set comes with enough pans. Also, you need to make sure that the pans are of the right sizes.


If you want to be saving space, then two small pans of sixteen and twenty centimeters will be enough for you. In case you live with your family, love cooking large dishes in batches or to simply entertain, you will surely be needing a stockpot or larger pan.


Some sets, similar to the Tefal ones, offer you properly sized stockpots. On the off chance, your bought set does not come with a large pot, there are extra pans available for sale that match sets. You can go ahead and get one of those.


Enough Room for Storing the Set


Get a set with pans that have removable handles, if you want to get them into a place of a tight squeeze. Otherwise, figure out where you want to store them before you go ahead and buy a set.

If it is hanging you prefer, then get pans which have good loops at their handle ends. And if you want to stack the pans together, then find the ones that come with flat lids or nest within each other quite easily.


Materials of the Saucepans


Most of the pans are made using a blend of different materials. Manufacturers use Aluminum for the heat to be able to spread equally and to make the weight of the pan lighter. If you want the pan to work with your induction hob, then the pans must have stainless steel inside of them.


In case you have one of those induction hobs, or thinking about an upgrade shortly, check the pans to be sure about compatibility.


Metal is the go-to material for the panhandles. They provide a premium or professional sensation and can withstand high degrees of temperatures. This makes them compatible for oven use, but make sure to use one of those oven gloves to avoid getting burned as they tend to get pretty hot.


Anodized exteriors along with interiors that are nonstick are both pretty good when it comes to cleaning them. However, even though the mentioned coatings are way tougher than how they were before, you have to handle them with utmost care.


All or most pans will be safe for dishwashers nowadays, but it is believed that washing them with the hand will lead to longer lifespan and durability for the pans. If it makes you worried that the chemicals in the Teflon coatings will harm you, them go for the pans with ceramic coating, as they are a great alternative.


The Lifespan of a Saucepan Set


Your cookware’s lifespan is quite important if you are going to spend a good amount of money for them. Some types of this cookware tend to keep their looks as well as last longer. In this case, stainless steel usually is considered as the best choice. So, if it is longevity you are looking for, get the set featuring stainless steel material.


Tips on What to Look Out for a Set


1.     Get Stainless Steel Pans Featuring Aluminum Core


Although stainless steel offers durability and lack of corrosion, the material is unable to keep the heat and spread it evenly. As a solution, often stainless steel pans with come with copper or aluminum cores in both their side walls and the base.


Also, you can get pans that feature all three of the mentioned materials. With these pans, you can cook your food more equally as they retain heat while adding more food.


2.     Buy a Set with the Correct Pans for Your Regular Cooking Recipes


It can be tempting to get a set of saucepans that come with a lot of pieces. However, you should get the set that features only the pieces you will be using. Figure out what you regularly need to cook and what you need for cooking the recipes that are your favorite to get the right saucepan set.


3.     Get Eighteen by Ten Stainless Saucepans for Quality


For making sure that the set of saucepans you want to buy will last, take a look at what metal was used for making it. As an example, the eighteen by ten stainless steel saucepans will have ten percent of nickel and eighteen percent of chromium, making them very durable.


The chromium does not let the steel rust or get stains, and the nickel makes the chromium more effective. With higher percentages, your saucepans become more resistant to corrosion.




A saucepan set would be an investment for your kitchen, and you should make sure that you buy the right set. This guide will help you understand what you should look for as you go to buy a set